doctor-arcade-fire asked: Why don't you make gifs anymore? I love your blog!

Hi, I kind of abandoned this blog a long time ago, and then the show got cancelled, and then I got really busy. I still love this show so one day maybe I’ll make more gifs.

fabymey asked: May this blog run forever and ever. AMEN! 馃槆馃懐

Ugh I wish I had time to make gifs. I loved Bunheads so freaking much, I wanted to make so many gifs.聽

doctor-arcade-fire asked: I'm so sad that bunheads got canceled.

So am I

theunspeakablylovely asked: I love this account! I hope bunheads comes back!

Thank you so much :) So do I! I love this show.

Anonymous asked: Do you guys still do gif requests anymore?


Anonymous asked: Where did you get that footage from bun heads? the pee one ? lol I want to actually see the scene!

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.

pointeshoegirl asked: do you know if/ when the show will be continued?

A new episode will air on January 7th!

freppuccino asked: yay there r more of us bunhead loving freaks out there... btw I'm in love with this blog 鉂も潳鉂も潳

Thank you :D